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DIY Facial Oils

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Ingredients: Carrier Oil (Any carrier oil that suits your skin type is fine)

Examples: Hemp seed oil, and argan oil are the main oils that I use, due to their comedogenic value of 0, which means they do not clog pores at all. I also use rosehip oil, which has a comedogenic rating of 1 and is good for acne-prone skin. I have oily, acne-prone skin with bizarre dry spots.

Any, or all, of the following essential oils: Orange Essential Oil – 5 drops Lemon Essential Oil – 5 drops Bergamot Essential Oil - 5 drops Lime Essential Oil - 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil – 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil - 10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil - 10 drops Copaiba Essential Oil - 10 drops Manuka Essential Oil - 10 drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - 10 drops

Procedure for DIY Facial Oil: In a glass container with dropper, take your carrier oil as much as you need. I use a mix of mainly hempseed oil with 20% argan and 10% rosehip added. Evening primrose oil can be added as well, especially for acne-prone skin. Let it sit for some time, and allow it to mix well Use every night before sleeping

Important Note: This should be the last product that goes on your face, since after applying this oil, any treatment products will not penetrate well. So keep this in mind. 🙂

There are lots of recipes available online for your specific skin type. Just make sure to check the comedogenic values of the carrier oils that you will be using for your skin type. I recommend those with a rating of 0-1.

Check a large listing of comedogenic ratings here:

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