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About Me

Poppy with Leaves
My name is Tania, (pronounced TAWN-yuh - pronouns: she/her) and I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach, Herbal Teacher, Writer, and Reiki Master.  
I grew up in the Ozarks of Central Missouri, to a family of farmers and a long line of herbal healers.  My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother have all been involved with herbal healing of the Ozark Mountain folk tradition, and have a knowledge of herbalism and plant medicine.  
I grew up playing in the woods and in our family named creek, Wright's Creek, outside of the tiny town of Tuscumbia, Missouri.  Our family used to operate and own the town's bank and owned various businesses in the town in the 1800s, so our roots run deep in the Ozarks.  Many of my herbal remedies are wildcrafted from this region, and from the prairie biome around Kansas City, Missouri.


I discovered aromatherapy and started using traditional western herbal medicine while trying to manage my own health concerns, because I felt like it was a more holistic approach.  I eventually decided to combine my love of bath products with my love of herbalism and aromatherapy, and Ivory Isis Herbals was founded!  I make all of  my products with organic and home-grown pesticide-free ingredients.


I live outside Kansas City, Missouri, the ancestral land of the Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) Wazhazhe Maⁿzhaⁿ (Osage) Kaw (Kansa) and Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux),

with my husband of many years, my herbal garden, my beautiful irises, (my favorite flower!) and my vegetable garden. I think about the land that I live on and the land of the native people who once lived here, and I have a deep respect for Native Americans.  I often wish that our desire to spread over the lands we now live on was in harmony with these people, and so I do as much as I can for Native American activism and support.

I am currently attending Herbal Academy through their Clinical Advanced Herbalism course, along with other herbal courses and intensives that I attend each year.

I am a Plant Therapy essential oils affiliate, because they have natural, high quality essential oils, with a focus on proper  information from aromatherapists and sustainable farming methods - plus, free shipping and other great products!

If you have any questions about my education, background, or just want to chat - head on over to the Contact page!

What's In a Name?

Many people ask me what the name "Ivory Isis" means or stands for.  For many years, it was my online nickname - I'm very fair-skinned, (one of my nicknames growing up was "Ghost") and my favorite goddess ever since I was a child was the Egyptian Goddess Isis.  

Isis has great qualities as a healer, and, in her winged form, may even be the inspiration behind the caduceus and Rod of Asclepius, which are both symbols of healers.  She was considered to be the first healer, and respected and revered as a goddess of healing - both emotional and physical.  Since she is my patron goddess and a healer, I think she is so very fitting to name my business after her.

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