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I grew up in the Ozarks to a family of farmers and herbalists who were all women, known traditionally as "granny women" in the Ozark folk tradition of herbalism.
I took a lot of our traditions for granted until I formally started studying herbalism in 2018.
I am currently a certified Clinical Herbalist through The Bitter Herb Academy, Sacred Earth Arts mentorship, The Herbal Academy and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism.
I am also a certified Aromatherapist through Heart of Herbs Herbal School.
I continue to expand my products every day as I learn more about herbalism.

Ozark folk traditions use herbs that were growing here when my European ancestors came here from Scotland, Prussia, and Germany, incorporating native traditions as well as those of black ancestors and Shamanic European practices.
I use my herbs with respect to those who have been marginalized and taken from and talk about how the traditions have evolved over time and practice. I also use medical astrology in my work with herbs, along with blessings and energy work according to folk tradition and my own personal traditions and experience.

I sustainably harvest most of the herbs that I use from my own property in Kansas City and my family property in the Ozarks. I never use pesticides and refer to these herbs as "home grown" or "wildcrafted" in my product ingredients lists. I use biodynamic farming methods in growing my plants. Biodynamic farming practices and farming methods include avoiding chemical soil fertilizers to enhance soil fertility, consideration of biological organisms (from living organisms in the soil to animal health), diverse crop rotation, cover crops, green animal manures, as well as meeting certain guidelines for perennial and annual planting.
I only use the healthiest herbs, and I harvest and create with plants through the astrological cycles that allow them to benefit you the most.
I make sure that I use plants that grow in abundance and never over-harvest, leaving behind at least half a stand of plants to grow for the future.
I also buy organically and sustainably grown herbs from local small businesses to use in my products.
I take great care of my plants, and I pass their beauty on to you!

I sell herbal aromatherapy bath salts, essential oil candles, sustainable smudge bundles, essential oil body butter, and a complete herbal facial care line, among other products. Everything I make goes through my own personal product tests and standards. I take a lot of care in creating quality products and use careful sanitation standards when I'm creating.


I am available for custom products as well, just go to "Contact" to enquire!

My focus and intent are also important in the creation of my products.  I am a Reiki Master, and positive energy and intentions are infused in my products and I focus on creating positive changes and aspects in your life, as my products touch you, and as you use them in your own life.

I respect nature when creating products, and I use sustainable sources for my products.  If a product I'm using is less sustainable as a whole - I use as little as possible to still create an effective product.   

My products are available on Etsy and at local Kansas City area craft shows!

This is an excerpt from Karen Bishop, a Clinical Herbalist writing for the Eclectic School of Modern Herbalism.

It’s a thoughtful observation in the loss of herbal wisdom in exchange for the convenience of modern medicine. 

This is my personal philosophy, what inspired me to create my small business, and I agree with this profound statement wholeheartedly. 

“I found many turn of the century documents describing effective medicinal uses. I discovered many wonderful fathers of herbalism and eclectic medicine. I found myself fascinated by the information that I learn while reading their documents. To my surprise, the discovery that hit me the hardest in an emotional way was that our federal government once promoted and encouraged the use of herbs and weeds as medicine. I read through almost the entire Bulletin written by Alice Henkel, Assistant in Drug and Medicinal Plant Inventions from the Department of Agriculture and felt a sense of deep betrayal because in this country, we once had knowledge of inexpensive and effective ways to treat ailments with common natural remedies. I am not insinuating that modern medicine has not had wonderful discoveries that have led to life extension and health for so many Americans and people around the world, because I know it has, but it seems to me, after further research, that it has also caused much harm in the pursuit of profit. As I contemplated this bulletin further and read through other old documents, I do believe that modern medicine is wonderful in the treatment of acute illnesses and injuries but falls short in the care of chronic ones.

I never realized how far we have drifted in the field of medicine from our origins and could benefit tremendously from rediscovering the wisdom of many of the herbalist that came before us. I could only imagine how medicine was practiced before the development of the American Medical Association and for-profit pharmaceutical companies, before the invention of commercial farming practices and the “science” of newly created GMO products, before the invention of Industrial Animal Factories and concentrated animal feeding operations, when food, herbs, and weeds were our medicine, and people where not commodities, but humans & individuals."


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Herbal consultation sessions are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.  

You are encouraged to speak with your medical practitioner or healthcare provider about all herbal products, dietary changes, or supplements that you choose to use.