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Elderberry Syrup & Fire Cider

I have both Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider available this year!


16 oz: $31

8 oz: $16

Bottled in canning jars (not canned)

Delivery fee within the Kansas City metro is $5

Shipping is available within the United States only (varies on location)

Please contact Tania Rounds at 

Venmo: @taniaroserounds

Cash App: @taniaroserounds

PayPal (Friends and Family only):

Elderberry Syrup Information


Homegrown elderberries (immune system booster)

Organic aronia berries (antioxidant, immune system booster)

Organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks

Organic star anise (antiviral)

Organic clove buds (antioxidant, kills bacteria)

Organic ginger (antioxidant, digestive booster)

Organic cardamom powder (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory)

Filtered water

Sweet gum tincture with rum (preservative) (antiviral, immune system booster)

Raw local honey (antioxidant)

Use within one year (September 2023) or shake well and freeze into ice cubes


Always give it the “sniff test” – if it smells or tastes off, do not take any of it, and throw it out.

Refrigerate it for keeping for the longest amount of time. 


Suggested Usage:

Some people take elderberry in one tablespoon amounts once daily during the winter, but I think this is too much.  Others take elderberry syrup when exposed to others that might have a cold, which is how I personally take it.

My recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon, up to three times per day, when you start to show signs of a cold or the flu.  Take it until you start to feel better and stop when your cold or flu goes away. Since it boosts your immune system, it’s not necessary to take it every day, just in times where you start to feel something coming on. 

You can add it to lemonade (it’s very yummy in my opinion) or juice, or even to hot cocoa if you would like to add a little extra taste in. 


Why Does It Work?

Elder is most important to us because of its antibiotic compounds. We find the berry in syrups in the fall and winter to battle the flu and colds. In fact, studies have found elderberry to be very effective in shortening the time of suffering and minimizing the symptoms of a bout with the flu. In lab settings we also find that elder has activity against such forgotten illnesses as mumps and measles. In fact, in the media hype over ebola, it is interesting to find that Stephen Buhner mentions in his recent book, Herbal Antibiotics, that elderberry has shown activity against this virus as well.



Elder is native to both North American and Europe, but in slightly different varieties. 

A few age-old Elderberry uses:

Native American

  • Elder flower infusions for fever

  • Bark infusions for sores, eczema, as poultice or wash

  • Inner bark tea as emetic, diuretic, laxative

  • Fermented berries as tonic, neuritis and rheumatism

  • Dried leaves spread around home for insecticide

  • Washing one’s face with the dew from elderflowers for beauty

  • Elderflower tea before bed to induce a cleansing sweat in the event of cold and flu-like symptoms

  • Elderberry drinks for throat complaints

  • Fruit syrup for colds and flus

  • Wine and Pie

Fire Cider Information


Organic prepared horseradish (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial)

Organic ginger root (antioxidant, digestive booster)

Organic turmeric root (great against respiratory infections)

Organic red onion (boosts immune system)

Organic lemon (rich in vitamin C)

Organic lime (rich in vitamin C)

Organic garlic (boosts immune system)

Organic jalapeno peppers (rich in vitamin C and other important nutrients)

Homegrown sweet heat peppers (rich in vitamin C and other important nutrients)

Homegrown Thai chilis (rich in vitamin C and other important nutrients)

Organic rosemary (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal)

Organic lemongrass (antioxidant, reduces fevers)

Peppercorns (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory)

Organic raw apple cider vinegar (aids gut health and digestion)

Raw local honey (antioxidant)

If you are making it yourself, you can always add an orange, but I chose not to in this batch.

Use within two years (approximately September 2024)

Always give it the “sniff test” – if it smells or tastes off, do not take any of it, and throw it out.

Refrigerate it for keeping for the longest amount of time. 


History and Usage:

Fire Cider is a blend of herbs mixed with apple cider vinegar and honey used for its health-enhancing properties. This formula and name were coined by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar in the 1970s. It has been reproduced, adapted, used and sold by thousands of herbalists over the past forty years.  Rosemary states that this recipe has been handed down over many generations and is a very old traditional recipe, but she was the first to coin the name “Fire Cider” for it.  It is traditionally used as an oxymel (a mixture of vinegar and honey) for colds and flu, and to help as a daily boost to the immune system. 


Suggested Usage:

Fire Cider can be taken once daily.  I recommend either mixing it with a juice or using a chaser of juice afterwards, as it can be pretty tangy.  I also recommend rinsing your mouth with water afterwards to prevent tooth enamel issues due to the acidity of the apple cider vinegar. 

If you have a cold or flu, you may take it up to twice daily until your symptoms disappear.

Obligatory Disclaimer:

Ivory Isis LLC and its owner, Tania Rounds, does not claim to be a medical professional, and never gives medical advice. Ivory Isis LLC services, products, and/or writing are not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any psychological or medical conditions. Products and services may include information and instruction relating to psychological, physical and mental well-being, herbal suggestions, nutritional supplement suggestions, and exercise suggestions. Some products and services available throughout this website relate to such topics are for educational purposes only. You acknowledge and agree that the following disclaimers shall apply to all information, instruction, courses, workshops, products and services.

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