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How to Make Easy Hydrosols

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Ingredients: - 5 cups fresh seasonal herbs or flowers (untreated rose is a great choice) - Ice, enough to fill 4 sandwich-sized baggies. Supplies - 1 medium size pot - 1 inverted lid - 1 glass bowl that will fit inside the pot (ramekins work very well for this) - 1 large glass jar and small 2-4 oz glass spray bottles

Method 1. Place herbs in pot and add enough water to just cover the herbs. 2. Place the glass bowl in the center of the pan and gently move the herbs or flower petals around to the outside of the bowl. The bowl needs to stay up and out of the water the herbs are in so it can “catch” the herbal or petal waters as they condense. 3. Place the lid upside down so it is inverted over the pot and set heat to a low flame. The water in the pot should simmer but not boil. 4. Place 2 baggies with ice on top of the inverted lid. Once the baggies of ice melt during the steaming process, remove them and replace with two more bags of ice. 5. Steam for 20-25 minutes. 6. Place in jar and transfer to spray bottles as needed.

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