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Moonlight Magic
Self Care Kits

Rabbit Graphic
Moonlight Magic Self Care Kits combine ritual tools with sacred self care.
Focus on taking care of yourself luxuriously, while also cleansing and blessing your personal space.
Each kit costs $45 and is handmade with organic and pesticide-free ingredients from my garden.
These make beautiful gifts or are great for a personal pick me up!
Each kit contains smaller size offerings of the following:
  • Monarda Marshmallow Body Butter - Extra softening body butter with a shea butter base, monarda and marshmallow infused organic extra virgin olive oil, and essential oils of monarda, rosewood, and sea buckthorn, this beautiful blend smells amazing
  • Essential Oil Perfume with Fluorite Chips (Full Size!) - This May Chang and Litsea Cubeba essential oil blend is mixed into organic jojoba oil.
  • Fluorite is great for aura cleansing.   
  • Fluorite's energy is all about flushing out toxic thoughts, patterns, and behaviors including addictive issues. 
  • Purifying Bath Salt Blend - Made of Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan salts with essential oils of palo santo, sage, peppermint and lavender, and organic herbs. 
  • The herbs in this blend are perfect for personal purification and self care rituals.
  • Florida Water - Homemade blend of organic plants and citrus and floral scents for blessing the home or the body.  
  • Moon Water - Set out during several full moons, infused with moon specific herbs and organic lavender essential oil, along with quartz and rose quartz stones for added cleansing and blessing benefits. 
  • (Water with quartz crystal points only - no herbs come in the final bottle.) Comes packaged in beautiful ombre pink and blue dropper bottles. 
  • Do NOT drink!
  • Beeswax Candle - Pure local beeswax for a light honey scent and clean burning flame.
  • Mini Rose Quartz Heart - Bless and take care of your home and your heart with this beautiful little mini crystal.
  • Mini Druzy Style Quartz Moon Charm - Cute moon charm in pink
  • Matches - Light the flame and stoke the fire
  • Informative Card and Note -
  • Beautiful card with:
  • Helpful information
  • Suggested self-care ritual
  • Story of the Rabbit in the Moon
  • A make your own moon water recipe with suggested herbs and crystals
  • Organza Decorative Bag - To hold everything together.
This beautiful self care kit was inspired by the Japanese story of the Rabbit in the Moon:

One night, the Man on the Moon came down to earth disguised as a beggar.

He chanced upon a Fox, a Monkey, and a Rabbit (Ssagi) and asked for some food.

The Fox brought him fish from a stream, and the Monkey brought fruit from the trees, but the Rabbit could only offer grass.

So he told the beggar to build a fire, and when it was built, threw himself onto the flames to offer himself to the Man.

Amazed by the Rabbit's generosity, the beggar transformed back into the Man on the Moon and pulled the Rabbit from the fire.

To honor the Rabbit's kindness, the Man on the Moon carried the Rabbit back to the moon to live with him.

Now, if you look at the full moon, you can see the outline of the Rabbit pounding mochi on the moon.

This classic folktale is often told to children around the time of the harvest moon.

Though the tale has been fully "Japan-ified" with time, its roots have been traced to a Buddhist tale, Śaśajâtaka.

In this version, the rabbit’s companions vary.

The motley crew of animals decided to practice charity on the day of the full moon.

A beggar passes by and each offers something for the man, but the rabbit can only offer grass.

As in the Japanese tale, he jumps into the flames of their fire.

The beggar reveals himself to be Śakra, the ruler of heaven.

Awed by the rabbit's sacrifice, he places the rabbit's image on the moon for all to see.

The tale even goes on to explain why the moon is grey: it's seen through the smoke of the fire that fateful night.

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